Platinum/Palladium and Palladium Prints

Each is personally contact-printed on hand-coated paper, prepared, signed and embossed by Dick Arentz.  They produced in numbered editions from 2/50 to 45/50. Dick will continue to reprint these on order. The paper used is from the Crane’s Paper Co. legendary 1990 run of 20,000 sheets, under Dick’s specifications. Only 700 sheets remain. Prices start at $900.00

Brush Strokes: In the preparation of the platinum or palladium print, the material that falls outside the image boundaries is exposed to maximum UV light. This will appear as brush stokes. In the 12×20 inch prints, I choose to show them. In the smaller sizes, 5×7 to 7×17 inches, I mask them out.

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The Classic Prints: Ansel Adams once said that, when reviewing a lifetime of photography, one is lucky, he or she could count on 2-3 good prints per year. Lately, Dick has archived his platinum/palladium and palladium prints from 1973 to 2003, assessing those, which, on the basis of exhibits and sales, have met these qualifications. They are the “Classic Prints”. Prices start at $1,400.00

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Current Projects

         All images shown are available as palladium prints, printed on cotton rag paper. Sizes vary. Please contact us for prices.

The Venetian Arc – Click here to view images.

The Scottish Isles – Click here to view images.

The American West – Click here to view images.


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