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Subtlety Time magazine had an obituary for Alec Guinness, which said: “In an era when grossness is king, subtlety needs to be honored.”  The root of subtle is French for finely woven. It is defined as: perceptive, refined, or having been marked by a keen insight and ability to penetrate deeply and thoroughly. Highly skillful.… Continue Reading

Four Common Errors in Platinum/Palladium Printing

During a teaching career dating from the 1970’s, I have had occasion to view hundreds of Pt/Pd prints. With the beginners, I have frequently found four common errors: Insufficient Coating. The print is pale and grainy. There is solarization within the image. The cause is not using enough coating solution. When given the choice of… Continue Reading

The Paper Story

The Paper Story From 1973 to 1986, I printed platinum and palladium on approximately ten different papers. Suddenly, I couldn’t make any paper work that was ordered after January 1986.  At first, I assumed the problem was related to defective sizing and/or drop in quality control.  Working with Wally Dawes of Paper Source and Zellerbach,… Continue Reading

Stonehenge, England 1986. 12×20 inch Palladium Print

Stonehenge, England 1986. 12×20 inch Palladium Print

I didn’t know what I got until I was home to develop the film. I gave Tri X film maximum development, 20 minutes of straight D-76 at ninety degrees. The negative was still too thin for palladium printing, so while the emulsion was still soft, I toned it with selenium. That did the trick, although… Continue Reading

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