The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, A Photography book by Dick ArentzThe Grand Tour

The Grand Tour¬†with Essay by Thomas Southall, Curator of Photography at the High Museum. The photographs are taken from six years work in continental Europe. The selections presented are homage to the photographers who, over a century ago, visited and recorded images during their “Grand Tour” of the continent.

“Arentz is simply the best platinum and palladium printer working today.”
Bruce Kurtz, Curator of 20th Century Art, Phoenix Art Museum, 1993.

Nazraeli Press 1998. 20 pages. Hardcover with 26 duotone reproductions of Arentz platinum and palladium prints.

Limited signed copies available: $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

The plates shown from The Grand Tour¬†were made from platinum/palladium and palladium prints contact-printed from 5×7, 8×10, 7×17 and 12×20 inch in-camera negatives. Prints are available on special order. Please contact me for prices.


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